So we’re evolving our brand one more time; from WHITE to WHITE64.

There are a number of factors behind the decision. But the main impetus for the change is our belief that WHITE64 can better convey the vision of who we are, what we stand for and how we got to where we are today.

To truly understand our history, and our brand, you have to go back to New York City in the sixties and the offices of Bill Bernbach, Helmut Krone, Paula Green and George Lois.

In their business suits and horn-rimmed glasses they may have been indistinguishable from accountants and lawyers. But they and their associates were soldiers on the front lines of a revolution. A revolution that would change the advertising industry forever. A revolution that would continue to impact us 50 years later.

Their mission was to overthrow the accepted convention of producing mindless, safe, adjective-laden advertising designed to bore its way into our brains. Their belief that intelligent, entertaining and concept-inspired campaigns could motivate and persuade far more effectively was slowly, but surely, being embraced by corporate America.

As these winds of change blew from New York to America’s other great cities, a small startup in Georgetown named Nolan, Duffy and White was advocating this new philosophy to companies and organizations in and around the nation’s capital. Convinced that concept-driven campaigns could enable their “David-sized” clients to triumph over competitors with “Goliath sized” budgets, our founding partners shaped a vision for an agency built on ideas that would get seen, get shared and refuse to be ignored. While much has changed since those days, their vision remains a pillar of our agency culture.

So the “64” in WHITE64 refers to the both the year our company came to into existence and the era when a respect for the power of ideas forever became the foundation of our brand.


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