We just want what we want, and we want it now

Even with Black Friday and Cyber Monday now over, it is hard not to remain interested in this cultural phenomenon and the changing consumer behavior. It appears that contrary to dire predictions, consumers still love the event of Black Friday shopping. Despite many retailers going with #optout Fridays and the rise in ecommerce shopping, the traditional day-after-Thanksgiving shopping volume was down only 10%; sales were 10.4 billion this year,compared to last year’s high of 11.6 billion. Not bad action.

According to Fortune magazine, Cyber Monday sales were $2.04 billion — up 17% from a year ago — making it the biggest online shopping day in history, and the first to surpass $2 billion in sales.

Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday appear to have lengthened their selling period, moving from one day events to more of an ongoing consumer engagement. Consumers want to purchase what they want, when they want it and technology is enabling that to happen.

Check out this spot from Amazon and the picture of a future shopping world that Amazon paints.


So far the biggest beneficiaries of Amazon’s rapid growth seems to be UPS, FEDEX and other third party delivery services. It will certainly be interesting to see what neighborhoods are going to look like with a fleet of Amazon drones flocking the streets.


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