The best way to the head is through the heart and funny bone



I love good advertising. The Art of the Craft

When it works it make you feel something you were not expecting.

The biggest event in marketing every year is the Super Bowl.

For the brands who decide to participate in the Super Bowl, it’s a very big deal and they all want a “viral spot.”

Brand share is won and lost. Careers are on the line.

This year a :30 spot will cost nearly 5 million dollars.

The decision on what creative to run on the Super Bowl is one brands take very seriously.

And that’s why they choose to feature…puppies, and talking babies, and animals and kids.

Because the most sophisticated marketers in the world understand all too well that the absolute best way to resonate with your target is to connect emotionally.

The two best ways to do that are to tickle their funny bone…or tug at their heartstrings.

Ad giant Leo Burnett said it best, before you can make someone believe something you have to make them feel something.

The best way to make them feel is through the heart and funny bone