Space Inspires and our new office rocks

I have had a private office with a door for nearly 35 years. I never thought I could live the cube life, but I have to say that I am loving the open environment. It is amazing after 17 years in the same space what an open office can do for inspiration, creativity and moral.

cubeIn February we took the big leap and moved downtown, to the epicenter of Northern Virginia business, Tysons VA. Home to the biggest companies in the Commonwealth, Northrop Grumman, Hilton, Cvent, Capitol One, INOVA, SAIC, Intelsat and Pentagon Federal Credit Union.


We didn’t want just any space and with a 50 year old business we needed this to be a cultural shift and an opportunity for reinvention. We engaged Form Architects to create a well-designed, comfortable, and creative space that could inspire collaboration and great work.  We wanted a variety of work spaces that are conducive not only for focused, individual work but for teamwork and group efforts as well.


We invested in our office’s infrastructure and technology. Letting the natural light pour in, the Starbucks (and Heineken) flow, and the ping-pong balls bounce. All these elements come together to create an environment that people want to work in.

PatioWe are in the people business and it is our belief that if we can create a place where the best and brightest can be inspired, then the best clients are going to want to bring their business.

ping pongAs an agency we have had our share of names and our share of office locations all across the metro area. Our firm was founded by my Dad in Washington DC in 1964 as Nolan, Duffy and White. In 1965 they moved to Rosslyn, in 1970 Nolan and White moved to Clarendon. In 1974 E. James White Company moved to Alexandria. In 1985 E James White Communications moved to Skyline Towers. In 1992 E. James White Communications moved to Herndon. In 1997 E. James White moved to Dulles where we stayed until February as White & Baldacci, White and Partners, White + Partners, and WHITE.

Now as WHITE64 and with an 11 year lease, compliments of Paul Darr and CBRE, Tysons is our home. The pace of change in advertising and media business is incredible but I am convinced that we are building the kind of creative environment that can take advantage of future innovation.

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  1. Congratulations to you and the rest of your team on the new space – and your new “home”. It looks quite beautiful and inviting from the pictures. Best Wishes.

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