New Media Wins Game at the Super Bowl

5 million for a :30 second spot keeps the riff raff out of the game. But if you ask me, the savvy marketers took it to a new-age level this year. Second and third screen viewing has become a new normal and a new pivotal consideration for advertisers, and those who took advantage of this in execution came out as winners this year.

Celebrity involvement, per usual, was in full force. In this new multi-screen world of media consumption, celebrities provide a smart opportunity for marketers to tap into their massive social media networks and extend audience engagement. One tweet or post can dramatically ramp up the pre-game buzz on a particular ad, which we’ve come to realize is just as important as the spot itself.

Check out my Partner Matt Walker and his appearance last Monday on Fox News. I loved his analysis, particularly on how new media is influencing creativity. I have to agree with my Matt when it comes to the Super Bowl ad sweepstakes; Amazon Echo was the AdBowl50 Champion.

Below is the USA Today ad meter rating. America’s opinion on the winners and losers of the Super Bowl commercial game is interesting to me. I’ve generally determined that break-through creative simply can’t be surveyed. Three of the top six spots are from Hyundai; this seems ridiculous, the creative in all three spots is mediocre at best – but now we must calculate the social media buzz factor. Sure, Kevin Hart is a funny guy but I personally think a number one rating for that spot is insulting to the great history of Super Bowl creative. However, Kevin Hart has 25 million Twitter followers. Ryan Reynolds has 2.5 million Instagram followers. How do we distinguish between what’s brilliant, break-through creative and what is just strategic casting of Mr. Popular?



Our agency has focused on this intersection of creativity, media and technology that Super Bowl 50 seemed to exemplify. While media is evolving and technology becomes the tactic…the power of an original idea is timeless, and remains at the heart of good advertising. It is my hope that good agencies don’t lose sight of this.

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