Is waving the flag enough?

How do you define what is great patriotic messaging? Is it swapping out the Budweiser label to say America? I do think the label looks cool…however I do struggle with the authenticity, particularly when Bud is owned by Belgium base InBev.


Back in the glory days when Anheuser-Busch was an American company they did have some powerful patriotic campaigns, I particularly love the simplicity of this spot by DDB and Joe Pytka for the 2005 Super Bowl.

In September 2001, Texas ad agency GSD&M created a PSA to celebrate the country’s extraordinary diversity and remind Americans that it was the time to unite as a country. And 15 years later, the message continues to resonate. Response to the PSAs in 2001 was unprecedented – the media donated $100 million in time and space in the first year, and Americans around the world voiced their support for such an important and timely message.

Interestingly our Executive Creative Director, Kipp Monroe worked on AB business and did this very famous spot with a George Clooney voiceover.

At WHITE64 we have had the privilege and unique opportunity to produce a couple of incredibly compelling videos for our client Pentagon Federal Credit Union and their Foundation. Since 2001 the PenFed Foundation has been committed to helping members of the military community secure their financial future. Every year PenFed hosts their Night of Heroes’ Gala, where they raise money and recognize significant accomplishments of service members.

Last night Kipp and the WHITE64 team debuted the stories of Adam Keys and Florent Groberg at the Gala.  These videos are really a powerful example of how compelling authentic messages can be.

I believe effective patriotic campaigns successfully navigate the delicate balance between flag waving bravado, humility and authenticity. I also think it is a job our Agency, led by Kipp Monroe, does very well.




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