In the Advertising business the right hire can make a big difference

KerryBeutelAs an agency we have made some big changes in the last year; new office space, new name, new branding, new positioning, new benefits, but none of that would have been possible without the hiring of our new COO Kerry Beutel.

Kerry is actually a boomerang employee, she worked at the agency in the early 2000’s left to join Arnold Worldwide where she honed her account skills and then migrated to operations. After 5 years at Arnold, Kerry left for the Pappas Group, where she stayed until April of 2014 when we scooped her up to be Partner and COO at WHITE64.

Kerry’s first order of business was to find and design new inspiring office space. Second was to use that new space to redefine how we work and to train us on how to be an efficient mobile workforce. With that came new benefits, unlimited PTO, Holiday shutdown the week of July 4th and Christmas week, core office hours of 10-4, expanded maternity/paternity benefits, and work from home. The final piece of the puzzle was to take the space and benefits and package them into a new brand, WHITE64 with a new mission “creating believers.”

So far as an agency the vibe has been awesome! Our employees are motivated and inspired. Our clients seem happy. If new business wins and creative awards are any indication of success, our Best of Show in Digital at the Addy’s, our 6 Telly Awards and new work from Hilton and Buzzuto make me think that Kerry knew what she was doing when she told me that we were “going to require less and expect more from our employees.”

I have been in the advertising business for a long time and I can tell one thing for sure the right hire can make a big difference.

Kerry is a difference maker, below is an article that she wrote for Forbes this week on the talent crisis in the agency business.



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