Cannes Lion and Grand Clio goes to David the Agency

In the changing game of the advertising business, big creative ideas can come from the most unlikely places. With the controversy over the media transparency report by the ANA, the rise of programmatic buying and increased competition from traditional management consulting companies like Accenture, it seems like the advertising business is under attack like never before in the industry’s history.

As tough as things are I think this uncertainty is a great opportunity for the agency business particularly for smaller shops. We are entering into a new creative revolution and winners are going to be those agencies who can best demonstrate the power of their creative ideas. The 80’s have called and they want their old marketing ideas back. Innovation and creativity are going to lead the way and small to mid-sized agencies are in the best positon to deliver that new content.

Thankfully this month at Cannes and last Fall at the Clios that commitment to the power of the ideas was rewarded. A small shop out of Miami, David the Agency, won the Grand Clio in Direct for its “Proud Whopper” campaign tied to San Francisco’s Pride parade. The agency is a 120 person creative boutique named after David Ogilvy and backed by WPP.

Check out their winning spot.

Cannes has always been the gold standard for creative excellence. To quote Chuck Porter from Crispin “Anyway, what I figured out is that listening to an agency talk about its philosophy and proprietary process and whatever is pretty much a waste of time. All you really need to do is look at the work. And, at its best, that’s what Cannes is about.”

David the Agency also won a Cannes Lion for work on Heinz ‘Wiener Stampede’ a spot that appear in the 2016 Super Bowl.

Our Creative Director Kipp Monroe speaks about creating work that makes you think, makes you feel and makes you laugh. I love the fact that the best ideas in this years Cannes Lions awards came from a small shop with a big ideas.

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