New Creative from WHITE64

It is always exciting to have new creative at the agency. It is particularly fun when we have work that I think is so good. This week we have launched two campaigns that I think will really break through the clutter. The first is for The Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), which represents more than 100 […]

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How Big is a Big Audience?

Every advertiser wants a big audience. But with new media, how big is big? How many people can we really consider “a lot” – and how do we reach them? If you look back on the history of blockbuster or cliffhanger programming, nothing comes close to power of the Super Bowl. The 2016 Super Bowl […]

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Has Apple crossed the line?

  When does national security trump privacy and personal security? Are Apple’s concerns for their customers or for their own proprietary marketing trade secrets? Apple has ridden an incredible wave of innovation and success largely doing the opposite of what Steven Johnson talks about in his book, Where Good Ideas Come From. The premise of […]

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I love a good anthem

There is nothing like the power of a long form TV spot. Something that captures the imagination of the audience and keeps it. An epic or anthem as they are called in the business. Traditionally these are spots that air on the Super Bowl, Grammy’s or Academy Awards. As it is coming into that season, its […]

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The Future is Now at CES

George Allen, the famous Coach of the Washington Redskins, and his vaunted “Over the Hill Gang,” used to have a favorite saying: the future is now. Given the present convergence of media, I am not sure that the concept could ever be more true for the advertising and communications business. As marketers descend this week […]

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